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Biggest Obstacle = You?

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

How do your personal, professional, and business results look lately?

Are you stuck on a plateau?

Are you doing the same things and expecting a different result?

Is it possible that you are your biggest obstacle?

How does that rut you're in feel?

Here are some tips on getting out:

Find some focus ... knowing some of the reasons why you got into that rut can definitely help you get back out.

Start by making a list of business activities that you like to do. Let's call that List One, and it should be a piece of cake.

Now, get critical of yourself for List Two ... what are the personal, professional, or business activities that you constantly back-burner? What are you always delaying, ignoring, or hoping will go away? We'll venture a guess that some of those items on your List Two are critical to your success.

What do you do about it? Review your List Two and ask yourself: "Self, what is really in my way here?"

We'll venture another guess; that you're bringing some mental baggage with you that makes it oh so easy to put off that activity. We also bet there's an irrational fear behind it. Fear of rejection, the unknown, fear of failure. Whatever name you give it, it's still based in fear. And what is FEAR in reality? False Expectations Appearing Real!

Let's take a look at the concept in a little more detail.

False: not true; in error; incorrect;

Expectations: a looking forward to; anticipation;

Appearing: to come into being; to seem;

Real: existing or happening as in fact; actual; true

So, are you going to let an "incorrect anticipation seeming to exist" get in the way of your success?

Your self-talk can be working against you here. All of those little things you heard when you were young can come back to haunt you. Your brain remembers every little embarrassment from way, way back in your past. Remember when you were called, "The shy one." Or, "She always looks before she leaps." Maybe it was “Don’t talk to strangers.” Do those memories really serve you now? Name those inner demons and silence them. You have no use for them now. You're over 18 years old now and it's okay to talk to strangers… or bite off more than you can chew!

And stop making excuses to hide behind. "I have to have a fancy website before I can talk to anyone." "I have to do a full day's research before I meet with someone." "I'll wait for them to call me if they're interested in a meeting." Does all of that waiting and hiding really serve you?

Write your List One and List Two ... examine them in the light of day with the help of an accountability partner or your coach (if you don't have one, get one... ask any successful athlete how much better they are because of a coach) ... dig out that baggage and throw it in the dumpster... conquer your FEARs... breakthrough and claim the life that you deserve!!!

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